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AleX Higgins Academy

“Whatever everyone can do, we can do it, we just have to adapt and do it different”

Alex Higgins




Who are we?

AleX Higgins Academy is a Mental Health Service that provides support for young people, adults, students vulnerable/disadvantaged individuals and ex-offenders, through Mentoring, Counselling, Sport/Exercise and Workshops. Our service provides face to face sessions in across London and West Midlands and our Virtual sessions are available Worldwide. Contact us for more information.

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Alex’s Story

Alex is at the heart of the academy & the inspiration behind what we do.

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What we do


AleX Higgins Academy provides 3 types of Mentoring; Mentoring for Mental Health or Physical Health, Mentoring for disadvantaged or vulnerable individuals and ex-offenders and Mentoring Through Sport & Exercise.

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AleX Higgins Academy in partnership with Natasha Lewis Counselling provides short-term or long-term Counselling for young people and adults.

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AleX Higgins Academy provides interactive workshops and webinars for young people, adults, students & vulnerable/disadvantaged communities.
We also provide these services for parents, guardians, carers and professionals that work with these individuals or groups.

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People we've supported

He is extremely dedicated to sport and the power it has to motivate and improve lives.

Quality Assurance Manager (Educ8) Debbie Payne

He communicates very well and has a way of making all people feeling valued and included.

Parent of athlete (Teacher) Debbie Bennett

Stefan manages some of the most difficult students in and out of the local borough.

Acting Headteacher (Beckmead Trust) Qudus Popoola

He delivers motivating and inspiring sessions that encourage mentee and participants to have an independent approach to their learning.

Owner of Eclipse Boxing Kyle Williams

He was always there encouraging me and always made me feel confident and feel as though I was capable of achieving whatever I wanted.

Goalkeeper Harrison Bennett

The consideration for all elements of his players journeys is something I’d not previously seen at this level and with the age groups under his charge.

Regional PT Mentor (Pure Gym) Daniel Burge

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